Tuber melanosporum    n.
[too-ber] [mel-a-nos-por-um]

: a winter black truffle; one of the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world; a species of truffle native to Southern Europe; bearing a rich, pungent aroma and a flavorful, distinctive crunch with an earthy hazelnut flavor and a touch of bitterness.

Our Black Diamond Truffles

Our fresh black diamond truffles are delicate, flavorful, increasingly rare and of the highest quality. The black diamond truffle is also known as the winter black truffle or Tuber melanosporum. Grown in Spain, they are greatly comparable to the quality of truffles produced in the main regions of southwestern France and Italy. They are directly imported from Spain to Roederer USA in Houston, Texas.

The black truffle has a scent that is subtle yet complex, powerful and rich similar to that of freshly turned soil. It has a unique, earthy hazelnut flavor that was once described as 'chocolate and earth'.

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  • Truffles are to the soil as stars are to the sky.

    Henry-Frederic Blank
  • To tell the story of the truffle is to tell the history of the world civilization.

    Alexandre Duman
  • The truffle is a positive aphrodisiac, and under certain circumstances makes woman kinder, and men more amiable.

    Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin